How to Allow or Restrict Repeat Attempts on a Quiz by the Same User

Quiz Maker allows you to specify the number of attempts on a quiz, and learners taking the quiz will be able to attempt the quiz for the set number of times. 

Restrict Attempts

Here's how you restrict repeat attempts for your users:

Step 1: Go to "Settings" page and select "Number of Attempts Allowed" under "General Settings." Click "Save" to apply changes.



Quiz Maker counts a user's attempt based on the condition set, i.e., "count attempts at start" or "count attempts at submission." So, if the condition is set to count attempts at the start then as soon as the learner starts the quiz, it counts as an attempt. While, if the condition is set to count at submission then the learner's attempt is counted after the submission of answers. 


Step 2: For this feature to work, enable 'Email' or 'Name' capture from "Security & Tracking" settings. If an attempt with the same name or email id comes in, the quiz will regard it as a repeat attempt by the same user.




Allow Additional Attempts

Restricting a user to a single attempt for a quiz might lead to certain repercussions. For instance, on counting attempts at the start, it might be the case that the user started the quiz but was not able to submit the answers. In this case, you might need to allow another attempt to the user.


Here's how to allow additional attempts:


Step 1: Open reports for the particular quiz from your dashboard.


Step 2(i): Select checkbox of the report for the particular user, click the 'delete' icon. Deleting the report will allow an additional attempt to the user. 


Step 2(ii): In case of an incomplete quiz, where the user has failed to submit the answers, the report is available under the "Started" tab. Click the tab to view reports, select the checkbox of the report for the particular user, and click the 'delete' icon. 



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