How to Block Quiz Reattempts From the Same IP Address


With ProProfs Quiz Maker, you can prevent quiz takers from reattempting your quiz from the same IP address, even if they use different devices or email addresses to access or register for the quiz.


Please note the IP restriction setting overrides the "number of attempts" allowed under general settings. 



Here's the message quiz takers will see if they are reattempting the quiz from the same IP:


Preview of Quiz Reattempt blocked on same IP


Blocking reattempts by IP enables you to:

  • Restrict spamming and cheating for a large group of people with a single click. For example, employees or students using a common IP address. 

  • Improve the recruitment or assessment process by minimizing the chances of any wrongdoing.


How to Block Quiz Reattempts by IP


Step 1: Go to quiz settings and move to the Security tab on your Quiz Maker interface.


Navigating to Security under Quiz Settings


Step 2: Locate Block retakes by IP and enable it.


Switching on the "Block Retakes by IP" Settings


Step 3: Ensure to click Save to save your changes.


Please note the "block retakes by IP" will restrict users from reattempting the quiz despite any number of reattempts you enable under the "General" tab.


Fixing number of attempts


That is all about blocking quiz retakes by IP address.



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