How to Check System Availability & Response Time in Quiz Maker


You can view all the details of our system performance and availability on our Trust ProProfs page. On this page you can view the following details:


  • View uptime report, we strive for near 100%
  • View our fast response time
  • View response time by country


You get to see not only the live response time of our systems but also historic information of our system availability stats.


Our quiz software is available 24/7 and learners can take the quizzes from anywhere at anytime. We understand that robustness and speed are the two main concern areas as learners taking online tests require a high response time. To ensure that our software maintains a constant and high response time, we regularly undergo system maintenance and we practice complete transparency when it comes to communicating maintenance.


Important features of our system & data security

  • Daily local & remote backup included in all plans
  • State-of-the-art computer servers, with dedicated generators & battery backup
  • Servers hosted at a secure location, with multiple power feeds & fiber links
  • Regular security updates for software and infrastructure
  • Network protected by an enterprise-class firewall


What you can do with your data

  • Download, print or delete your data at anytime
  • Download your data to CSV or as Excel spreadsheets
  • Use our API to export data into your company's database


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