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How do I capture information about quiz takers/learners?

ProProfs Quiz Maker allows you to capture any information about the quiz takers/learners. You can do this by asking questions such as name, email ID or your own custom questions, that user must answer to start the quiz. These questions allow you to track who the learner is but do not count towards the score in the quiz. 


Key benefits of capturing information about learners - 

  • Collect lead information 
  • Grow your prospect list 
  • Boost sales and ROI


If you have an existing list of users, you can upload their details and create user accounts for them. To learn more please watch our video tutorial on users and groups or you can read the article: How do I assign individual username/password to quiz takers?.


Steps to follow to capture information about learners - 


Step 1: From your Quiz Maker dashboard, choose the quiz (in which you want to capture the learner's information) and click on "Settings". 



Step 2: ProProfs Quiz Maker offers the flexibility to capture quiz taker's information at the start of quiz or end of quiz. Just go to "Security" Tab and select start of quiz and end of quiz option in "Tracking configuration" section. 



Step 3: Now, choose the fields such as name, email, ID, phone, address, ask my own question based on which you will track your quiz takers. 



Step 4: ProProfs Quiz Maker will let you ask custom questions to learners in two ways. Select the option which says, 'Yes, create my own question' option in 'Ask my own question' section. 


Step 4(i): Essay question - Select "Write in textbox" option to ask learners a custom essay type question.



Step 4(ii): Multiple questions - Select "Choose from list" to ask learners/employees a custom question and allow them to choose from a list of options.



Step 5: Click "Save" to secure changes. 


This is how the lead capture form will appear at the start/end of the quiz depending on the option you have selected. 


a) Lead capture form at the start of the quiz


b) Lead capture form at the end of the quiz


How to view the captured information about the learners


From your Quiz Maker dashboard, click on "reports" as displayed in the below image. 


This is how the reports will appear comprising the customized questions that were added to capture information about the learners.