How to Capture Quiz Taker’s Information


ProProfs Quiz Maker simplifies collecting basic information from quiz takers, such as their name, email, and phone number. Additionally, you can ask custom questions to gather more information about your quiz takers. These custom questions allow you to track the learner's identity but do not contribute to their quiz scores.


If you have an existing list of users, you can upload their details and create user accounts. To learn more, please watch our video tutorial on users and groups, or you can read the article: How to assign individual usernames/passwords to quiz takers.

Here’s what a quiz will look like when tracking & lead capture configuration are enabled.


Capture quiz taker's information at the beginning of a quiz using a lead capture form


By capturing learner’s information, you can:


  • Automatically add the data to various CRM tools
  • Use the information to boost sales
  • Extract valuable insights and improve your business


How to Enable Lead Capture for a Quiz


Step 1: Go to quiz settings and switch to the Security tab.


Open quiz settings and switch to the Security tab


Step 2: Scroll down to Tracking & Lead Capture and select the placement of the lead generation form from the dropdown.


Locate Tracking & Lead Capture and set the location of the form


Step 3.1: Enable the fields you wish to collect from the quiz takers and click Save.


Enable fields to capture those information from quiz takers


Step 3.2: You can add custom questions and decide the answer type per your preferences.


Add custom questions


Step 3.3: When you choose Multiple Choice, an overlay appears. You can select a template or create a question from scratch.


Creatr from scratch or select a template for your custom question


Here’s what the lead generation form looks like with custom questions:


Lead Capture Form at the start of a quiz


How to View the Captured Information


Click the Reports icon on the dashboard to view the captured information in the quiz report.


View captured leads in Reports


That is all about capturing quiz takers’ information with lead forms.



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