How to Allow Learners to Jump to Any Question on a Quiz  


This functionality allows learners to skip questions or navigate to any question of their choice and later attempt it at their convenience.

View example quiz with navigation between questions enabled.


Implementing this functionality is simple. Here's how this can be done:


Step 1: Click on the ‘Settings’ tab of the quiz to add this functionality.



Step 2: (i) In "General" settings, Select "Yes" on “Allow learners to jump to any question” as displayed below.  



Step 2: (ii) If you select "Yes" on “Allow review before submission,” it will allow your learners to change answers before final submission.




Step 3: Click “Save & Exit.”




Step 4: When the learners start the quiz, they can click on the "Jump to" (>>) icon and all the questions will be displayed in a number-wise vertical menu which is known as 'Question Palette.' 



Note: When this setting is enabled, the branching feature will not work.


Here are some of the benefits when you allow learners to jump to any question:


(i) See question content without clicking on it: Your learners can preview any of the questions at their convenience without navigating to that specific question. In the below image, the quiz taker can view the content of all questions while attempting Question 5.


(ii) Know which questions have been attempted: The learners know which questions are attempted as marked in "Blue" color (as displayed in the below image).


(iii) Know which questions are unanswered: The learners will view the “Unanswered” Question. The question number will be highlighted in "Grey" color. In the below image, the quiz taker has viewed Question 2 but has not answered it.


(iv) Know which questions have been marked for review: The learners will be able to view the questions marked for review. The question number will be highlighted in "Orange" color. In the below image, the current quiz does not have any questions marked for review. So, the marked for review option at the top displays zero. 




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