How to Customize Quiz Results Page


With ProProfs Quiz Maker, you can hide/unhide quiz results, certificates and correct & incorrect answers from learners.


Not only this, but you can also customize the message that shows up on the quiz results page and enable/disable multiple quiz attempts with just a single click.


With results page customization features, you can:


  1. Control what components of the results page are visible to quiz takers

  2. Enable/disable the custom message

  3. Show/hide a certificate

  4. Enable/disable reattempts


Here's how the custom message will appear to the quiz taker when you have disabled quiz results for quiz takers.


Quiz completion preview without result and certificate



When you enable the option to show results and certificates, the quiz taker will see something like this:


Quiz Completion Preview with result and a certificate


In this article, you'll learn:

  1. How to Show/Hide Quiz Results

  2. How to Enable/Disable & Edit/Delete the Custom Message

  3. How to Enable/Disable the 'Try Again' Button for Quiz Takers


 1. How to Show/Hide Quiz Results


Step 1: In your Quiz Maker account,


  • Select the quiz you want to customize the results page for

  • Click 'Settings'

  • Scroll down to Quiz Report section


Enabling the Quiz Report Customization Settings


Step 2: Here, you can find multiple settings to enable/disable with just a click.


  • First, enable the 'Customize report for quiz taker' option and enable/disable options based on your preference.

  • Disable 'Show result' to hide the pass/fail result from the quiz takers.

  • You can also choose to show/hide the certificate.


Enabling/disabling Result and Certificate at the end of quiz


 2. How to Enable/Disable & Edit/Delete the Custom Message


Step 1: Under the Quiz Report section in the General Settings,


  • Enable 'Show custom message at the end of quiz.'

  • Click 'Customize Message.' A popup window opens.


Share additional info with quiz takers through a custom message


Step 2: A custom message is an optional tool that quiz administrators can use to share additional information with quiz takers along with the test results. If you don't want any special message to appear, just disable this.


  • Type in your custom message in the box.

  • Click 'Save.'


Typing a custom message for quiz takers


 3. How to Enable/Disable the 'Try Again' Button for Quiz Takers


Step 1: In the Quiz Report section, you will find the option to enable/disable more than one quiz attempt.


  • To limit the quiz taker's attempts, disable the 'Show "Try Again" button.'


Disabling Quiz Reattempt


  • Click 'Save' to finalize your changes. After attempting the quiz once, the quiz taker will not see the 'Try Again' option.


That is all about enabling/disabling specific quiz result features in the ProProfs Quiz Maker.



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