How to Assign Individual Username/Password to Quiz Takers


With ProProfs Quiz Maker, you can create secure and private quizzes by setting up login ids and passwords for your learners via the classroom. These quizzes will be accessible to only your select learners with whom you've shared the usernames and passwords.  


Benefits of assigning individual username/passwords to quiz takers:


  • Instructors can assign credentials for selected users to log in to the classroom and complete quizzes or courses
  • It becomes easy for instructors to track progress, analyze reports, and give remarks


Learners will need to log in to the classroom, with the username and password you've created, to access the quizzes.


Preview of the classroom login screen:


Classroom Log in Screen


How to Create or Change Username/Password of a User


Step 1: In your Quiz Maker account,


  • Navigate to "Settings" >> "Security."
  • Select "Private access for selected users & groups."
  • Click "Manage Users" to set up the usernames and passwords for users & groups.


Enable private access settings


You will be redirected to your classroom, where you can add new learners and create usernames and passwords for them, or you can change the usernames and passwords for the existing users. 


Step 2: To change the username or password of a user, click on the first name or last name.


Click on a User's Name


Step 3: You can edit the username, password, and other user details.


Edit user details


That is all about assigning individual usernames/passwords to quiz takers.



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