How to Create an Online Classroom




Here's how your classroom appears to your users:


Follow these steps to create your online classroom:

Step 1: Log in to your account and navigate to "Users."


Step 2: Navigate to the "Users" tab. Create user/learner accounts and 'Groups,' assign groups to users, club similar curriculum learners together. 
















To start assigning quizzes and groups to users, you have to first add users to the classroom.

Step 3: For a particular user, navigate to 'Quizzes' tab and click the "+Quizzes" button to assign quizzes. A list of all assigned quizzes is also accessible under the tab.

Once you're done assigning quizzes to users, you can:

  • Assign the user a particular group or groups.
  • Check the quizzes pending for and taken by the user.
  • Check the Grade Report of the user.
  • Edit the info of users such as their ID or username, passwords etc. You can also delete a user.  

Step 4: Assign quizzes to 'Groups' by clicking  the “+Quizzes” button. 

Along with assigning quizzes to a group, you can:

  • Add new users or delete old ones from a group.
  • Assign Group Admins.
  • Check the quizzes pending for and taken by the group. 
  • Check the Grade Report of the group.
  • Edit the info of groups such as the group name and join codes. You can also delete a group. 

Invite users to your classroom:

Under a user's tab click “Email” to send classroom login information (username and password) to the learner. Similarly, you can send login information via email to "Groups."



You can change the email template and the content. Click "Send" to mail the information.



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