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How to create an online classroom?

Step 1: Go to your quiz dashboard and click on "My Users".




Step 2: Click on "Users" to create individual student/learner accounts and "Groups" to organize users into groups (such as classes or teams).


Note * To start assigning quizzes and groups to users, you have to first add users to the classroom.


Step 3: Click on Users and go to “Edit quizzes assigned” to assign quizzes to the users. 


Once you're done assigning quizzes to users, you can:

  • Assign the user a particular group or groups.
  • Check the quizzes pending for and taken by the user.
  • Check the Grade Report of the user.
  • Edit the info of users such as their ID or username, passwords etc. You can also delete a user.  


Step 4: Similarly you can assign quizzes to Groups by clicking on “Edit Quizzes Assigned”. 

  • Along with assigning quizzes to a group, you can:
  • Add new users or delete old ones from a group.
  • Assign Group Administrators.
  • Check the quizzes pending for and taken by the group. 
  • Check the Grade Report of the group.
  • Edit the info of groups such as the group name and join codes. You can also delete a group. 



Step 5: Go to “My Users” and Click on “Preview Classroom” to see how classroom appears to learners. 





Step 6: Finally, go to Users and click on “Email User” to send Classroom login information to learners. Similarly, you can send login information via email to "Groups".





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