How to Enable Self-Registration of Users for Quiz Enrollment


ProProfs offers instructors various options for managing learner registration. One effective method is to enable learners to self-register in the classroom. This automates the registration process for quizzes, courses, or groups, saving instructors time and effort that would otherwise be spent manually updating learner information such as names, email addresses, and phone numbers.


Instructors can use secret join codes to facilitate easy self-registration of learners into the appropriate groups.


Here’s what a user registration form will look like:


User registration form for the classroom


Benefits of enabling self-registration for students to enroll in quizzes:


  • Time savings: Allowing self-registration eliminates the need to update learner details manually, saving valuable time.

  • Selective data collection: The feature enables displaying only the necessary information, avoiding unnecessary data entry.
  • Streamlined registrations: Automation makes the registration process hassle-free, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.


To enable self-registration for learners, please follow these steps:


Step 1: Go to Classroom on the quiz maker dashboard.


Go to Classroom in Quiz Maker


Step 2: Click the three vertical dots or the kebab menu icon to access additional settings and select “Edit” from the list.


Access additional settings and click Edit


Step 3: You will see a list of options. Click to expand “Welcome Screen” and select “Registration Form.


Go to Registration Form in Welcome Screen


Step 4: To ask learners for specific information during self-registration, enable the option “While registering, ask for” and select the fields you want them to provide.


Enable the self-registration option and the fields to capture


Step 5: In addition to the default fields, you can add custom questions to the registration form. Go to Settings > Enable “Create your own question”> Select a question type to add and ask your question.


Ask custom questions in the registration form


Once done, click Save or Save & Exit at the top.


Here’s how your learners can self-register for a course, quiz, or group:


Step 1: You can allow learners to register directly to your classroom at ProProfs by sharing the classroom link. Alternatively, learners can register for the classroom embedded on your website. New learners can register by clicking the “Sign Up” button.



New learners can click Sign up and register for the classroom


Step 2: Once new learners click on the “Sign Up” link, they will be taken to the “User Registration” page, where mustve to fill in their information. When your learners have filled in the required fields and set up their passwords, they can log in to your classroom.


User registration form



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