How to Enable Self-Registration of Users for Quiz Enrollment


With ProProfs, instructors can select from numerous available methods to manage registration of learners. One of the effective ways is to allow them to log in and self-register to the classroom. By automating a learner’s registry to a particular quiz, course or group, instructors save time and effort which is otherwise spent on manually updating the information of learners such as their name, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.


Instructors can use secret join codes to help learners easily self-register to the correct groups.


Follow these steps to enable self-registration for learners:


Step 1. Navigate to "Users" -----> "Classroom" and click "Edit" to change classroom settings.


Step 2. Navigate to "Welcome Screen" -----> "Registration Form" and the self-registration option.



Step 3. To ask your own questions in the self-registration form, navigate to "Settings" and enable "Create your own question." You can create either a 'Choose from list' question which will provide the user with options to select an answer or a 'Write in textbox' question where the user has to type the answer. 



Step 4. Create the question by selecting the appropriate question type and click the "Save" button at the top right of the screen to secure the changes.

Here's an example of the custom question to include on the registration form.




Here's how your learners can self-register to a course, quiz or group:


Step 1. You can allow learners to directly register to your classroom at ProProfs by sharing the classroom link. Alternatively, learners can register to the classroom embedded on your website. New learners can register by clicking the “Sign Up” button. Read How to embed classroom on your website to learn more.


Step 2. Once new learners click on the “Sign Up” link, they will be taken to the “User Registration” page where they will have to fill in their information. When your learners have filled the required fields and set up their passwords, they will be able to log in to your classroom.

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