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How do I enable self registration for students to enroll in courses or quizzes?

With ProProfs instructors can choose from a number of method to manage registration of learners. On of the effective ways is to allow them to log in and self-register to the classroom. By automating a learner’s registry to a particular quiz, course or group, instructors save time and effort otherwise spent on manually updating the information of learners such as their name, email addresses, phone numbers etc.


Tip* Instructors can use secret join codes to help learners easily self-register to the correct groups.


The steps below show how your learners will self-register to a course, quiz or group.


Step 1. You can either allow learners to directly register to your classroom at ProProfs by providing them the classroom link. Alternatively, learners can register to the classroom embedded on your website. New learners can register by clicking on “Sign Up” link. Read a help article to learn how you can embed the classroom on your website.



Step 2. Once new learners click on the “Sign Up” link, they will be taken to the “User Registration” page where they will have to fill in their information.



Step 3. Once your learners have filled the required fields and set up their passwords, they will be able to log into your classroom.



To allow learners to self-register to courses, quizzes and groups, you first need to initiate self-registration in the Classroom settings page. The steps below show how you can go to the settings page and initiate self-registration.


Step 1. On the Classroom Settings page, check the box which says, “Allow learners to self register” and select the information that you want to capture from learners at the time of registration.




Step 2. Add the “Group”, where you want the learner to be automatically registered to. 




After you have completed the above steps, you need to embed the classroom on your website, so that learners can self-register to your course, quiz or group without ever leaving your website.