How to Find & Use Join Codes for Self-Enrollment


ProProfs Quiz Maker allows multiple ways of registering into a classroom. And one of the methods to self-enroll in a group is using the Join code. With this, instructors don’t have to add the learners to the group manually.


Each group has a specific join code which you can change in the group settings.


Self-registration using the Join code lets you:

  • Easily join the group without submitting a request.

  • Quickly join the classroom, saving your time and effort.


In this article, you’ll learn: 


1. How to Enable User Registration Using the Join Code

2. How to Locate the Join Code


To Enable User Registration Using Join Code


Step 1: In your ProProfs Quiz Maker dashboard, go to Classroom.


Quiz maker classroom


Step 2: Navigate to the classroom and click More > Edit.


edit classroom


Step 3:  Go to options: Welcome Screen > Registration Form.


customize welcome screen


Step 4: Enable “Self Enrollment Using Secret Join Code” using the toggle button and click Save.


enable self enrollment using join code


To Locate the Join Code


Step 1: Go to “Groups” of your classroom.




Step 2: Click Settings to view the join code.

 view join code


Step 3: To change the join code, click the edit icon, enter the new join code, and click Save.


edit join code

That is all about user enrollment using the Join code.



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