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How to use join codes for self enrollment?

With ProProfs instructors can use a number of methods to manage registration of learners. A popular method is to allow learners to self-register, which saves instructors time and effort. During self registration learners are typically registered to a default group (course or quiz), selected by the instructor. However, instructors can provide learners with join codes which registers them to a specific group at the time of self registration.



Learn how to edit/change group join codes by following the steps below. 


Step 1. To activate join code you should first enable self registration for learners by selecting "Yes" against "Allow learners to self register". 



Step 2. Now, click on "Yes" against "Allow self enrollment using secret join code".



Step 3. Go to “My Classroom” and click on Groups.


Step 4. Select a particular group and click on the Join code to change it and then click on Save.



Note* Once you complete the above steps, you need to share the secret join code with your learners via email. 

 Learners can then use the secret join code to register themselves to the correct groups in the classroom, as shown in the images below.