What Roles & Permissions Can Be Granted to Your Users?


With ProProfs you can easily train large batches of employees or learners based in different locations across the world. To achieve this, you can assign separate instructors to manage training in different locations and group administrators for organizing large batches of learners.


Let's look at the different permissions you can grant to instructors and group administrators, under your ProProfs account, to centrally manage your team of trainers and learners.


Super Admin: Super Admin is the owner of the primary ProProfs account and can access all the associated instructor accounts. The Super Admin can set-up instructor accounts for a school or a company bringing all account history together and giving the organization true data ownership, consolidated billing and user management. Super Admin permission is available only with ProProfs Enterprise edition.


Instructor: An instructor is an individual teacher or corporate trainer. Instructors can create courses/quizzes, add new users, create groups and do much more within their accounts. They have full control over their accounts but cannot access the Super Admin account.


Group Admin: Groups administrators help manage a group of users. They can view group reports (to see who has or has not completed training or quiz), add new group members or delete existing users of a group. However, they cannot create quizzes and courses or see any information of other groups. Learn how to assign group administrators to a learner group.


Additional Permissions for Group Admins: You can explicitly allow all or select group administrators to access the master list of users and quizzes/courses (associated with the main account) to add any user or quiz/course to their group. However, they cannot create quizzes and courses or see any information on other groups.


Here's a preview of the additional permissions that you can grant to the group admins.


Share Reports: Sharing reports with department heads, regional managers and other company stakeholders is easy with ProProfs. Different reports such as quiz/course reports, user reports and group reports can be shared by simply providing a private read only link to the person who needs "view" only access. Learn how to share a quiz report.



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