How to Add Learners to My Classroom


Instructors can manage learners' registration to the classroom in many different ways with ProProfs. One of the ways to easily add new learners to your classroom and quickly assign them learner groups, quizzes or courses is through manual registration.


In the example, below we will look at how to add learners to Quiz Maker and assign them quizzes. You can also do the same for Training Maker and assign courses to learners in a similar manner.   


Step 1. Navigate to your classroom and click "Users." 



Step 2. Click "+ New Users" to add new users. 



Step 3. Create unique usernames for your learners and click "Next."


You can also bulk import user details from your Gmail or Microsoft accounts as well as from an Excel sheet. 


Step 4. Assign the new learners to a group or multiple groups and click "Next."



Step 5. Assign courses to the new learners and click "Next." After this step click "Done" to finish adding the new learners. 


Set expiration date for users

You can set an expiration date for your users account:


Step 1: Click the "Edit" button to edit user profile.



Step 2: Scroll to the expiration section and select "Expires on date." Select a date from the calendar and click "Save" to secure the changes.



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