How to Upload Multiple User Details to an Online Classroom


With ProProfs, you can upload the details of multiple users to your classroom at the single click of a button. You can upload an entire class or employee roster list in one go into the system. This is an easy way to create hundreds of user accounts in a single step.


As shown in the image below, you can quickly upload user details such as their Emails, Names, Phone Numbers, Ids, Addresses, State, City, Country, and Zip codes using a sample spreadsheet we provide. Along with this, you can also set up user Passwords, Statuses, and Expiration Dates and assign them to Groups.


Multiple user details


Note: Please make sure that you do not delete any of the fields. You can leave them empty but deleting a field will corrupt the document.


Most fields, such as name, email, password, etc, are self-explanatory. Below is an explanation of some advanced fields:


  • Status: In this field, you can add the status of users such as "active" (these users will be able to log in to Quiz Maker, access the quizzes, and view their reports) or "inactive" (users can no longer log in and do not have access to the account/content anymore. However, all their previous data & records remain intact for the instructor to view. This status can be used for past employees or students whose data is still needed). The third option is "delete." This is for users whose records you want to delete permanently.


  • Expiration Date: Keeping in mind the high churn of employees in construction companies or retail environments, we added the "expiration date." You can set a specific date for a user, and on that date, the user's status will automatically be changed to inactive.


  • Groups: You can quickly assign the user to 5 groups from the sheet itself. 


Follow the steps below to bulk-upload user details to your classroom.


Step 1: On your ProProfs Quiz Maker dashboard, click Users.


Go to Users on Dashboard


Step 2: Click + New User to add users or learners to your classroom.


Click New User to add users to your classroom


Step 3: In the Add Users dialog, switch to Import (1). You can add multiple users and their details in bulk by using any of the following options - Gmail and Microsoft Excel. Let's upload user details through Microsoft Excel.


  • Click the radio button next to Microsoft Excel (2) and download the respective sample file (3) to see all the required fields to be filled as user details. In case you have your own Excel file, make sure that it has the same fields/columns in the same order as in the downloaded sample file.


For convenience, we recommend that you fill in the downloaded sample file, rename it as you like, and upload the same by clicking on the Upload button.


  • After adding user details to the sample file, rename it as you like, and upload the same file by clicking the Upload (4) button.


Add users from Microsoft Excel


Once the user details are imported, you will see the confirmation, as shown below.


Multiple users upload complete


Step 4: Click Done to finish uploading the file.


Below is the sample updated user list. 


Updated user list


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