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What is an online classroom?

ProProfs online classroom offers a secure & centralized way to assign quizzes & courses to your learners. The learner logs into the online classroom with their secure & unique username / password. Once logged in they can see all the quizzes or courses you need them to take. They can also see what they have completed in the past including accessing their past scores, certificates, etc.


The Key Benefits Of Online Classrooms:

  • Easily teach & track the progress of large groups of learners 
  • Save time by centrally assigning course or quiz assignments 
  • Motivate learners to complete assignments with friendly reminders
  • Assign individual usernames & passwords to quiz takers.
  • Send a single link to learners for accessing quizzes and courses 
  • Protect your quizzes and courses with secure rights of access 
  • Centralized portal helps learners self-access their learning 
  • Instantly send email notifications to Groups or Users 


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