How to Make My Quizzes Secure and Private


Private quizzes are prevented from appearing publicly on the web as they do not list on search engines such as Google. Furthermore, private quizzes help in minimizing cheating by stopping unauthorized access.


By default, each quiz you create with ProProfs is private. However, you can set the level of privacy according to your preference.


Here's how you can make your quizzes secure and private:


Step 1: Go to a quiz's settings from your ProProfs Quiz Maker dashboard.


Online quiz settings


Step 2: Go to the Security tab and find the Quiz Security settings. There are three ways, as explained below, in which you can set a quiz's privacy settings.


Quiz security and privacy


1. Share the quiz URL with those users that you want to take the quiz. Anyone without the link cannot access this particular quiz.

2. More secure than the first option, your users will need a password along with the URL to have access to the quiz. Enter the password in the box provided that you can share with your users along with the quiz link.


Quiz privacy settings


3. Only those users and groups can access this quiz who have been added to it by you. To add users and groups, click Manage users.


Online quiz privacy settings


Step 3: Do not forget to save when you've selected your preferred quiz security setting.


Save quiz settings




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