How to Enable Browser-Level Security in a Quiz


ProProfs Quiz Maker gives you control to secure your quiz from different browser functions, such as tab switching and copying, printing, and downloading of data. You can disable these actions to prevent cheating and exam leakage.


Here’s what the warning will look like when a quiz taker tries to move away from the quiz tab when tab switching is disabled.


Preview of a warning for quiz takers trying to open a new tab or switch screen


Browser security options can help ensure a fair and cheating-proof quiz-taking environment by restricting access to certain features and functions while taking an online quiz.


This article covers the following:


1. How to Disable Printing/Downloading of Quiz Content

2. How to Disable Copying of Quiz Content

3. How to Disable Tab/Browser Switching


To disable browser actions while taking a quiz:


Step 1: Go to a quiz’s settings from the dashboard or while creating a quiz.


Go to Quiz Settings


Step 2: Switch to the Security tab in Settings and navigate to the Browser Security option.


1. Disable print/download: To prevent quiz takers from printing or downloading the quiz content, toggle the “Disable print/download” option to “Yes.” 


2. Disable copy: To prevent quiz takers from copying the quiz content using the keyboard shortcut, toggle the “Disable copy” option to “Yes.”


3. Disable tab switching: To warn users when they try to open new tabs while taking the quiz, toggle the “Disable tab switching” option to “Yes.” You can also set a timer to auto-submit the quiz if the user doesn’t return to the quiz tab.


Enable browser-security settings to ensure fair quiz-taking experience


Step 3: After configuring the Browser Security settings, click Save.


Save settings


That is all about enabling browser-level security in ProProfs Quiz Maker.



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