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How do I prevent cheating on my quiz?

We have various features to help you control cheating: 


1. Question Pooling
 Select questions from a pool at random so each person get's a different quiz.


2. Randomize Question Display
Shuffle the questions so the questions are never presented in the same order. This ensures that two quiz takers sitting side by side would not get the same order of questions. 


3. Shuffle the answer options inside a question
For added security you can even shuffle the answer option such that options (such as  A,B,C,D in multiple choice questions) are not always in same order when a question is presented. That way no one can take an answer key from another student. 


4. Add a Time limit
Add a time limit so students only have enough time to finish a test and not enough to to find answers from books, internet etc.


In addition to the above these four options there are a number of ways in which you can prevent cheating in online assessments.