How Long Do You Store Data?


We store your quizzes forever.


We store your quiz takers data (reports & stats) as long as you are a paying subscriber. You can download that data and store locally at any point as well. If you stop your subscription, your are downgraded to the free version. Your quizzes are never deleted and you can continue to have unlimited quiz takers per our free plan. However the premium features get disabled if you do not renew your subscription and any premium stored data (such as quiz taker's attempts, stats, reports & score data) is deleted.


We never delete your quizzes. Even if you are on a free plan, unlimited number of quiz takers can continue to take your quizzes. However, the reports of the students (reports, stats) are not stored in our free plan. Learners can see their results on completion of the quiz, however, in our free plan we do not store this information online and do not make it accessible to the quiz author.


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