How to Enable Proctoring to Monitor Quiz Takers


ProProfs Quiz Maker provides proctoring to supervise quizzes. You can enable proctoring to capture screenshots at regular intervals while a quiz taker is taking your quiz. The idea is to monitor the activities during the complete duration of a particular quiz.


Note: You can enable proctoring on a timed quiz. Learn more about creating a timed quiz.


Here’s an example of a quiz with proctoring enabled.


Learner’s View


Proctored Quiz Learner's Preview


Note: If learners click Stop Sharing at any moment, they will be redirected to the Start Quiz page.


Instructors can view these screenshots in the Quiz Report.


Proctoring Log with Timestamp Preview


Important: Proctoring does not work on embedded quizzes. 


Proctoring enables you to:


  • Capture screenshots of the quiz takers’ screens at regular intervals

  • Review quiz sessions and check for any suspicious activity in the captured log

  • Ensure fair practices and reliability in quiz-taking



In this article, you’ll learn:


1. How to Enable Proctoring

2. How to Access Captured Screenshots


 How to Enable Proctoring


Step 1: Go to quiz settings on your ProProfs Quiz Maker dashboard.


Open Quiz Settings on which you want to enable Proctoring


Step 2: Under the General tab, set a time limit for the quiz.


Set Time Limit for your Quiz


Step 3: Switch to the Security tab and navigate to Proctoring. Switch it to Yes and select the duration between screenshots from the drop-down.


Enable Proctoring and set time interval between screenshots


Step 4: Save your changes.


Here’s what a proctored quiz will look like to learners.


Proctored Quiz Learner's Preview


After the quiz taker clicks Start, they will see the following permission screen. Now, they will click Start Screen Capture to allow screen sharing from the overlay.


Click Start Screen Capture to proceed


In the overlay, learners must select "Entire Screen" to share.


Share Entire Screen


The quiz taker will encounter the following error screen if they:


1) Choose the Window or Chrome Tab option.


Incorrect Screen Sharing Mode Selected Error


Click Refresh Test to retry.


2) Cancel the sharing


Screen Capture Permission Denied Error


Click Refresh Browser to retry.


Once the quiz taker selects the correct mode, the quiz will start.


Proctored Quiz in process


 How to Access Captured Screenshots


Step 1: Open the quiz report from the dashboard.


Go to Quiz Report


Step 2: View a learner’s report by clicking the preview icon.


Click to Preview a Learner's Report


Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom of the report to access the Proctoring Log. You can see the total screen grabs with the timestamp. Click to open a magnified view.


Proctoring Log of a Quiz Taker


That is all about proctored quizzes in ProProfs Quiz Maker.



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