How to Disable Tab Switching for Quiz Takers


ProProfs Quiz Maker allows you to maximize quiz security in several ways. You can make your quizzes private to ensure access by authorized users only. You can also prevent quiz takers from taking printouts and making quiz copies. Another method is to disable tab switching on a web browser while your users are taking a quiz. This feature triggers a countdown, along with a warning message, when a quiz taker attempts to switch to a different tab, leading to the involuntary submission of the quiz once the countdown ends. Quiz takers have the choice of canceling the countdown and continue taking the quiz. Doing so discourages anyone from cheating by browsing the internet for answers.


Benefits of disabling tab switching:

  • Discourage cheating during online assessments

  • Maintain & improve quality of teaching


To disable tab switching:


Under the security settings of a quiz, find the option ‘Disable tab switching’ for browser security and enable it. Then, click Save.


Quiz security settings


The countdown timer is set for 10 seconds by default, but you can can increase or decrease the same based on your requirements.




You can preview how the setting works for the quiz takers. On trying to switch to a different tab while taking the quiz, the quiz taker will get the following message. Unless they click ‘Cancel,’ the quiz will submit automatically once the countdown ends.







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