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How do I allow quiz takers to save progress and continue later?

With the save & resume feature, you can allow learners to take breaks while taking an online test. Learners can save the progress they have made on a particular quiz and then resume the quiz right from where they left, without having to start from the beginning. They can come back, in a day or even a week, and resume the quiz right from where they left it.


Benefits of save and resume feature: 

  • Learners can effectively set their own pace of learning and take lengthy quizzes at their convenience 
  • Learners can assimilate information better and finish quizzes more quickly
  • Learners can effectively handle interruptions by saving their progress on a quiz and returning to it later


Follow the step below to enable save and resume feature for your quiz:  


Step 1: Go to "Settings" page and enable "Email" or "ID" from "Security" settings.


Step 2: Go to Advanced tab check the box which says "Save & Resume Quiz" and save your settings.


This is how it will look like to the learner while resuming the quiz.