How to Save & Resume Quiz Progress


The save and resume feature allows learners to take breaks while taking an online test. With this feature, learners can save their progress on a quiz and resume it later, right from where they left off, without having to start over. This means that learners can return to the quiz at their convenience, whether it’s in a day or even a week, and pick up right where they left off.


A preview of a saved quiz you are resuming.


Resuming a saved quiz


Benefits of the save & resume feature:


  • Learners can effectively set their own pace of learning and take lengthy quizzes at their convenience. 

  • Learners can assimilate information better and finish quizzes more quickly.

  • Learners can effectively handle interruptions by saving their progress on a quiz and returning to it later.


How to Enable Save & Resume


Step 1: Go to quiz settings, switch to Security and scroll down to Tracking & Lead Capture.


Open quiz settings and switch to Security


Step 2: Enable Email or ID and click Save.


Enable capturing of data such as name, email under Tracking & Lead Capture in Security tab


Step 3: Go to Advanced Settings and enable Save & Resume Quiz. 


Enable Save & Resume Quiz under Advanced Settings tab


Don’t forget to save.


Learner’s View


When a learner is taking the quiz, they can click the Save icon and then OK to save their progress.


Click Save


Click OK to save quiz progress while exiting


This is how it will look to the learner while resuming the quiz.


Resuming quiz


That is all about the save & resume feature in ProProfs Quiz Maker.



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