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How to Make Random Question Selection From a Question Bank


With ProProfs Quiz Maker, you can easily create, manage, and maintain your quiz questions using powerful question bank tools. By creating question banks based on subjects and points, you automate the process of quiz creation and save yourself valuable time and effort. 


You must be aware of how you can create question banks before you select questions at random from a question bank. Read the help articles mentioned below to learn how to create question banks based on points or according to topics with ProProfs:


  1. How do I create question banks based on topics?
  2. How do I create question banks with selection done on the basis of points (easy/medium/ hard)?


Follow these steps to enable selecting random questions from a question pool: 


Step 1. Navigate to "Settings" -----> "General Settings," scroll down to the 'Order' section and select "Shuffle Questions" for 'Order of Questions."


Step 2. Choose "Select by Number" for 'Number of Questions' and then choose an option to select the required number of questions from the pool. 


Always Appearing Questions

You can tag specific questions to ensure that they will always appear with sets of randomly selected questions. Follow these steps to learn how to mark questions 'always to appear:'


Step 1. Navigate to the 'Score & Time' section and select "Assign points to each question" for 'Scoring.' Click the "Manage Point Assignment" button to assign tags to questions.


Step 2. Enable "Assign Tags" and add a tag like "Always select" etc. to the questions you want to always appear with sets of randomly selected questions. Click "Save" to implement the changes.


Step 3. Navigate to the "Order" section and choose "Select by tags" for 'Number of Questions.' Select the tag assigned to the questions of your choice in the previous step. Save your settings to implement the changes. 




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