How to Enable Random Question Selection From a Question Bank


With ProProfs, you can pool questions randomly from a question bank. By doing so, each of your quiz takers gets the questions in a different order. They may also get a completely different set of questions for the same quiz.


For example, there are 20 questions in your question bank, and out of them, you have assigned ten random questions to your quiz takers. Now, each of your quiz takers may get ten different questions from the same question bank or the same ten questions in a different order.


Benefits of random question selection using a question bank:

  • Prevent or minimize cheating among learners
  • Easily reduce the effort in invigilating tests


To enable random question selection from a question bank:


Step 1. Go to quiz Settings >> General and scroll down to the Order section. Click on the Order of Questions dropdown and select Shuffle questions. You can also choose to click Shuffle answers or Shuffle questions & answers depending on your preference.


Shuffle questions in a quiz


Step 2. Click on the Number of Questions dropdown and click Select by number. Then, select the number of questions you want in the quiz out of the total questions.


Select random questions in a quiz


You can also choose to click Select by percentage and then select the percentage of questions out of the total available. Finally, click Save when you’ve made the changes. That’s all you need to do to pool questions from a question bank.


Select quiz questions by percentage




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