How to Create Question Banks Based on Topics


You can easily create question banks/pools that have questions from multiple categories or topics. You can do that by assigning tags to questions. Once you have the question bank, you can configure it to create a quiz that pulls the desired number of questions from each category.


Benefits of creating a question bank based on topics:

  • No need to manually create different quizzes since you can create them automatically out of the question bank
  • Prevent cheating during tests
  • Make tests dynamic and engaging


For example, let's say that you have a question bank with 100 physics, 100 biology, and 100 chemistry questions. You can configure this question bank to pull five questions at random from each topic. You can now instantly create a quiz that consists of 15 questions with five questions each from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology - so the quiz taker always gets 15 questions evenly distributed from all topics. 


So, enabling this feature means you don't have to keep creating new quizzes. Instead, you can create new quizzes from the existing question pool/bank.


In this article, you’ll learn:

  1. How to create a question bank by adding tags
  2. How to create a smaller quiz out of a question bank


1. How to create a question bank by adding tags


Step 1. Go to a quiz’s Settings >> General. Under the section Score & Time, click on the Scoring dropdown and select 'Assign points to each question'.



Step 2. Click Manage Point Assignment when this option appears.



Step 3. The screenshot below instructs how you can tag questions.



1. Enable Assign Tags.
2. Enter the topics as tags for each question. If you want, you can add up to five tags to each question. (Separate tags by comma, such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry)

Note: You can also assign a tag such as 'Always appear' to those questions that you want to appear always, along with the randomly selected questions.

3. Click Save.


2. How to create a smaller quiz out of a question bank


Once you’ve added tags to the questions, you can now randomly pull a specific number of questions to create a smaller quiz based on tags. To do that:


Step 4. Under the Order section, click on the Number of Questions dropdown and then click Select by tags.



Step 5. The screenshot below explains how to randomly pull questions with each tag.



1. Select the number of questions you want from a particular tag. In this case, I want five questions from each tag.
2. Select a tag (Biology). This quiz will now pull five random questions from the total of 100 questions in Biology.
3. If you want, you can choose to shuffle the order of questions in each tag.
4. Similarly, click +Add another to assign five random questions each to Physics and Mathematics tags. You can further add a row for the tag 'Always appear' for the questions you want to appear every time this quiz is taken. When you're done, click Save.

Note: To ensure that the quiz questions do not get shuffled across different topics, keep the Order of Questions to 'Do not shuffle questions.'



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