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How do I create question banks based on topics?

You can easily create questions banks/pools that have questions from multiple categories or topics. Once you have the question bank, you can configure it to create a quiz which pulls a desired number of questions from each category.


Note * You can also tag certain questions so that they always appear with sets of randomly selected questions.

For example, let's say that you have a question bank with 100 physics and 100 biology questions.


You can configure this question bank to pull 10 questions at random from each topic. You can now instantly create a quiz which consists of 20 questions out of which 10 are Physics questions and 10 are Biology questions - so the quiz taker always gets 20 questions evenly distributed from both topics.


This means that you don't have to keep creating new quizzes, everytime.


To create question banks based on topics you have to first know: How to assign points to each question?


Once you are done assigning points to each of the questions, then you can follow the steps below to create a question bank:


Step 1. On on the "Settings" page click on "Manage Point Assignment".



Step 2. Given that you have already assigned points to the questions, check the box which says "Assign Topics" and fill in the names of the topics, then click on Save. 
You can assign multiple topics to each question. 



Step 3. Now you can pull questions on a certain topic or multiple topics by clicking on "Number of Questions" and choosing "Select by topic". 



Step 4. Now select the topic, in our case it's Physics. You can also select the number of questions to pull, by clicking on "Select Questions", up to the maximum number of questions found. In our case it is 5 Physics questions. Save your settings, once you're done. 




Note* To makes sure that the questions do not shuffle between the different sections in your quiz, select "Do not shuffle questions", under Order of Questions. You can also choose to shuffle or not shuffle questions within Topics.


Tip* - After you create question banks based on topics, you can also show topic-based reports to learners.