How to Select Easy, Medium, & Hard Questions in a Quiz


You can create question banks or question pools with quiz questions of different difficulty levels. When you create a question bank, you can categorize questions based on difficulty. Then, out of the differently weighted pools or question banks, you can select a certain number of questions to be randomly drawn as per difficulty.
For example, you can create a quiz that pulls 5 questions each from a set of easy, medium, and hard questions.


Follow these steps to generate such a quiz:


Step 1. First, create a quiz that serves as a question bank by adding all the questions to it. 


Step 2. Allocate specific points to each question - typically you would give more points to hard questions, fewer points to medium difficulty questions, and least points to easy questions. 


Step 3. Navigate to "Settings" -----> "General" -----> "Order" and  choose "Select by points" for "Number of Questions." 



Step 4. Select the number of questions that you want to group, for example under easy. Select "Equal to#" for points and manually enter the specific points allocated to easy questions. You will immediately see the number of questions found with the points you have assigned. 


Step 5: Click "Add another" to add sections for medium, and hard questions and finally save your settings. 

The other way of selecting questions beside points is at random. To know more, please read: How to Enable Random Question Selection From a Question Bank



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