How to View, Download, and Share Reports & Stats





With ProProfs, you can view, download, and share different kinds of reports for a detailed analysis of the information of learners who took your quiz. 

  • Download: You can download quiz reports in formats such as CSV or Excel and then share via email.
  • Live Share: You can provide live access to the report page, from where you can download reports at any time.

Different kinds of downloadable reports:

Score Summary Report - This is an overall quiz report which gives you details such as the names and email addresses of learners who took your quiz when they took your quiz, their 'total scores' and 'time taken' to complete the quiz. This report helps you quickly view which of your learners have taken the quiz and their scores.


Quiz Takers' Answers Report - This report shows you your learners' answers for each of your quiz questions. It helps you identify knowledge gaps among your learners. For instance, when you see that most learners in your class have chosen the same wrong answer for a particular question, this means that they are facing difficulty grasping the topic. Once you have this insight, you can create a course on the topic and assign it to your class to help them understand the topic better.


Time Taken Per Question Report - ProProfs helps you dig deeper by providing you a detailed report of how much time each of your learners spent on answering a particular quiz question. For instance, if one of your learners, let's say Brian has spent an inordinate amount of time on a relatively easy question, then Brian most probably hasn't understood the topic. This report is immensely useful for understanding exactly which areas a particular learner or a group of learners are struggling in.


Download Reports

Step 1: Navigate to Reports & Stats.




Step 2: Select the reports, and click on the Download icon.



Step 3: Quiz Maker allows you to download multiple reports in excel format, select the report type and click the Download Reports button. 


Share Reports

Step 1: Navigate to Reports & Stats, and click the Share icon.



Step 2: Share the secret URL to give others direct access to the reports page of your quiz.


Download and share stats

Click to navigate to the Stats tab. 

  • Click the Print Stats button to create a hard copy of the stats.



  • The Share button next to the print icon, allows you to share the stats through a link or by embedding into your blog or website.



  • Choose from the drop-down menu on the top right to view stats for a particular period. 



  • The stats tab has a scroll section which provides data related to quiz questions and time taken by the quiz takers. You can click the 'download button to save this data.



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