How to Share Quizzes With Your Learners


ProProfs Quiz Maker is an online quiz creation tool that allows you to create and share quizzes with your learners. With ProProfs Quiz Maker, you can email a quiz, share the URL directly or through social media, embed it, or even download & share its unique QR code.


The mix of different methods will ensure your quiz reaches the maximum target audience.


Watch this quick video guide to learn about quiz sharing in ProProfs Quiz Maker.



Skipped the video? No problem, check out our step-by-step guide.


Benefits of sharing quizzes with your learners:


  • Enhanced Learning Engagement: ProProfs Quiz Maker fosters active participation and reinforces existing knowledge while stimulating curiosity in new subjects, creating an engaging learning experience for students.


  • Seamless Integration and Accessibility: With multiple sharing options like email, URL, social media, embedding, and QR codes, ProProfs Quiz Maker ensures easy integration into various platforms, making quizzes accessible to learners across devices and channels.


  • Data-Driven Insights: ProProfs Quiz Maker provides valuable data for future learning plans, allowing you to analyze results, identify knowledge gaps, track progress, and make informed instructional decisions for personalized and effective teaching.


To share quizzes with your learners:


Step 1: Click the Send icon of a quiz on your ProProfs Quiz Maker dashboard.


Click the Send icon of a quiz to share


Step 2: In the Share Quiz dialog, you can use any of the following options to share your quiz.


1. Email- Share your quiz via email to users or groups. Additionally, you can customize the email invite and save it as a template to use later. Also, you can send test emails to see what the invite will look like to the recipients. Once done, click Send.


Share quiz via email


2. Share via- Publish your quiz on social media platforms or share the quiz link directly on a webpage. You can share your quiz on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 


Sharing quiz on social media or its link directly


3. Embed- You can embed the quiz on your website by copying and pasting the embed code. You can select the size from the drop-down or enter custom dimensions.


Embed quiz on website


You can embed your quiz on your WordPress site or blog by installing the plugin. Learn more.


Embed quiz on your WordPress site or blog


4. Print- Another quick way to share quizzes is by taking the printout and sharing it physically with learners. You can choose any of the printing options, preview it, and download as a PDF or take a printout. Learn more.


Print a quiz and share


5. QR Code- You can download and share the QR code to access the quiz on mobile devices on the go. Learn more.


Download and share the Quiz QR Code


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