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How to Embed Quiz Into WordPress




You can easily embed quizzes, you create using ProProfs, to your Wordpress blog. Here's how a quiz embedded on your website will look. The image below shows you how an embedded quiz will look on your Wordpress blog.



Tip* To embed a quiz on your Wordpress blog you need to install the ProProfs plugin - a plugin for embedding quizzes, courses, and surveys.


Here's another example screenshot showing how an embedded course will look on your website with Wordpress plugin.



Follow these steps to install the Wordpress plugin and then embed your quiz onto Wordpress:


Step 1: Log in to your Wordpress Account.


Step 2: Click on Plugins and then on Add New.


Step 3: Search for the ProProfs plugin and install it.

Step 4: Activate the plugin.


Step 5: Now, get the URL of the quiz you want to embed from your quiz dashboard.



Step 6: Finally, copy & paste the embed code provided below and replace the text "PASTE YOUR QUIZ URL HERE" with the URL of the quiz you want to embed. Please note that you have to paste the code in the HTML editor. You can also adjust the height and width according to your preference.


copy & paste this code => [ProProfs src="PASTE YOUR QUIZ URL HERE" width="100%" height="500" ]




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