How to Integrate iContact With Quiz Maker


ProProfs integration with iContact helps you capture learner's information (name, email, etc.) and automatically add it as a contact to your iContact account. After the integration is completed, you can start populating your iContact mailing list by automatically importing details of the learners who take your quiz on ProProfs.


Watch this quick video guide to understand the ProProfs Quiz Maker & iContact integration.



Or continue reading to learn it step-by-step.


Here's how you can set up the iContact integration:


Step 1: To start importing the details of the learners every time they take a quiz, start by selecting the quiz you want to use for lead generation and click "Settings."


Open Settings


Step 2: Navigate to the “Security” tab and locate "Tracking & Lead Capture." Enable information to capture. You can also ask your own questions to gather more details. 


Locate "Tracking & Lead Capture"


Step 3: Navigate to the "Integrations" tab, locate "iContact", and select "Yes" to integrate.


Enable iContact Integration


Step 4: A pop-up with integration information will appear, proceed further to the next screen and enter your iContact username, API password and key. 

Enter Login Information


Step 5: Select one of your iContact lists' to add learners' data when the authentication is complete. 

If you opt for "Notify me," it will send email notifications to you anytime a new learner takes your quiz.


Click "Next" to proceed.


Choose a List


Step 6: Based on the selected list and custom questions set up in 'Tracking & Lead Capture,' assign a corresponding field from the drop-down menu to the appropriate iContact fields.


Click "Finish" to complete the integration.


Map Quiz Fields to iContact Fields


Here's a preview of the confirmation:


Confirmation Preview


That is all about integrating iContact with Quiz Maker.



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