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Salesforce integration with ProProfs Quiz Maker 

ProProfs Integration with Salesforce helps you capture learners' information (name and email) and automatically adds it as a lead in Salesforce. This information can also be sent to various lists in your Salesforce account.


Let’s look at how you can set up this integration in a few steps:


Step 1: To start importing the details of the learners every time they take a quiz, start by selecting the quiz you want to use for lead generation and click "Settings".


Step 2: ‚ÄčOn the settings page, click on “Security” tab.


Step 3: When the “Security” page opens, under tracking configuration choose “yes” in email tab. Save the changes and click the "Integrations" tab.


Step 4: Locate Salesforce and choose "yes" to begin Integration.




Step 5: A pop-up with Integration Information will appear, click "Next".



Step 6: Salesforce Integration Wizard will pop-up, enter the "Security token" and click "Next". You can get the Security token from your Salesforce account.


Step 7: Select the Salesforce list which you want to update and click on “Save’’.



After you complete the above steps, a popup will appear informing you that the integration is active. Click on “OK’’ as shown below and you are all done.