How to View the Time Taken per Quiz and Question


Quiz reports provide a comprehensive view of a learner’s performance. In ProProfs Quiz Maker, you can view the time a learner takes to complete the quiz and the time spent on each question. You can use this data to analyze the quiz’s difficulty level. 


Here’s a quiz report showing a learner’s time on each question.


Preview of the Time Spent on Each Quiz Question by a Learner


Checking time spent on the quiz and individual questions lets you:


  • Measure the learners’ understanding of a topic

  • Identify any abrupt timings to catch if there was potential cheating during the quiz


How to View Time Taken Per Question in a Quiz Report


Before beginning, please enable “One Question Per Page.” You can do this by going to Settings > General > Presentation > Questions Per Page and selecting “One question per page” from the dropdown.

Set the Question Presentation to One Question per page

Step 1: On your dashboard, click the number in the “Reports” column to open a quiz report.


Click number of reports icon on the dasboard


Step 2: Click the preview icon under the Report column.


Click the View Report icon in the Reports Column


Step 3: Scroll to “Time Taken” in the Report Summary and click on the recorded time.


Open the total time spent on completing the quiz


You can check the time spent on individual questions in the overlay.


View time spent on each quiz question



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