How to View the Time Taken per Quiz and Question


ProProfs lets you see both times taken by a learner to complete the entire quiz as well as time spent on each question of the quiz.


Step 1: Click on the figure displayed under "Reports"



Step 2: "Time Taken" column shows total time taken by different learners to complete the quiz.  



Step 3: You can view time taken by a learner to answer a particular question in the quiz. To see time spent by a particular learner on each question of the quiz, click on the 'eye icon' (which displays the user score reports) under "Reports". 



Step 4: In the individual report summary, click on 'Time Taken' to find out in detail about the time taken on each and every question. 



Step 5: The in-depth information related to time spent on each question appears in the form of a popup as displayed below. 



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