How to Customize the Results in a Quiz Report


Customizing results gives you better control over displaying critical performance indicators to help learners assess their progress. From choosing a result type to revealing correct answers and adding a custom message, you can modify the results in a report in multiple ways. 


Note: The instructor can see the full report (as well as the student version of the report) when they log in as the instructor.


Here’s a screengrab that gives you a quiz report with customized results.


Customized Results page for quiz takers


With customized results, quiz creators can provide detailed insights, enhance engagement, and better evaluate the effectiveness of their quizzes. Meanwhile, quiz takers can benefit from a clear understanding of their performance, personalized feedback, and increased motivation to improve.


Here’s how you can customize the type of result:


Step 1: Go to a quiz's general settings and scroll down to the bottom of the page to locate the Result section. Open the Result Type dropdown and select the appropriate option.


Go to Result in General Settings


Step 2: An overlay opens when you choose the “Customize” option. Here you can modify the grading for different score ranges, add the result title and its description, and upload an image.


Save changes once you’re done to create a custom result type.


Customize the result section as per your requirements


Besides the result type, you can also customize the final quiz report in ProProfs Quiz Maker.


Navigate to "Settings" > "General" > "Quiz Report" and select "Yes" for "Customize report for quiz taker." Configure the available options and click "Save" in the top navigation panel to secure the changes.


Customize the final quiz report for quiz takers


That is all about customizing results and the final report of your quiz.



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