How to Customize the Results in a Quiz Report


Quiz Maker allows you to customize what a quiz taker will see in their report such as if you want to reveal correct answers etc. You can classify results by grades and add different results based upon performance in the quiz. However, the instructor can still see the full report (or see the student version of the report) when they log in as the instructor.


Here's a preview of how the report would appear to the quiz taker:


Online quiz results


Follow these steps to learn how to customize quiz results:


Step 1: Go to a quiz's Settings and scroll down to the bottom of the page to locate the Result section. Click on the Result Type dropdown to select the appropriate option.


Online quiz result settings

Step 2: Create "Custom Results" as needed. Example usage:

  • Create custom results based on scores such as Great, Good, Poor.
  • Display a link if the user scores above a certain percentage.
  • A message asking the user to retake the test if they score below a certain percentage.


Save your settings once you're done. 


Customize online quiz results  

Customize end of quiz report for quiz taker:

With Quiz maker you can set up a custom quiz report for your learners, it is visible to them when they submit their choices. 


Navigate to "Settings"-----> "General" tab -----> "Quiz Report" and select "Yes" for "Customize report for quiz taker." Edit the available options and click "Save" to secure the changes.


Online quiz reports



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