How to Customize Personality Quiz Report Settings


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Personality quiz advanced reports and analytics provide useful insights, you can check out quiz results to get details like who took your quiz and when, their scores, performance, and more.


Customize the report settings to save time by automating quiz grading and delight quiz takers with instant results & feedback.


Here's how a quiz report with a custom message will appear to the quiz taker:



Follow these steps to customize the report and result settings for your Personality Quizzes:


Step 1: Log in to your ProProfs Quiz Maker account and navigate to "Settings" for the desired personality quiz. Under the "General Settings" tab, locate "Reports & Results." 


Quiz Report & Results


Step 2(i): To Set a Custom Message at the End of Quiz- Turn the toggle button to "Yes" and click "Customize Message."


Customizing the message that appears at the end of the quiz


Step 2(ii): A pop-up will appear, enter the custom message in the field provided, and click "Save" to secure the changes. You can also add images and links to the other quizzes in the custom message.


Entering the message that appears at the end of the quiz


Step 3(i): Show Personality- In order to display personality at the end of the quiz, ensure "Show Personality" is enabled. You can select the number of personalities to display from the drop-down menu. Multiple personalities will be displayed in descending order with the most relevant being the top result. 


Enabling settings to show personality in results


Step 3(ii): Show score of each personality: To find out what the score of each personality is at the end of the quiz, enable the 'Show score of each personality' setting. Once you set it to 'Yes,' you will find scores related to each personality being talked about in the quiz. The density of quiz-takers' responses resonating with each personality will provide a better insight.


Enabling score of each personality setting to show up in the results



Here's how the 'Personalities' will appear in the Report:


Preview of results Personality and their scores


Step 4: Personality Score Based Analysis- You can add an analysis based on the score of different personalities, enable the feature and select the personality and score range from the drop-down menus. Enter title and analysis.


You can develop an interactive analysis by using the provided tools, such as adding images, embedding videos, and, including backlinks or hyperlinks to direct quiz takers to other web pages.


Click "Add another" to include analysis for other personalities in the quiz.


Adding analysis based on scores achieved for a personality 


In case you're looking to show analysis based on the scores achieved for multiple personality traits or characteristics, take a look at this - How to create scored-based personality quiz results.


Step 5: When you have customized the settings for "Reports & Results" click "Save" to secure and implement the changes.

Finalizing the changes


That is all about customizing personality quiz report settings.



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