How to View, Download, and Share Cohort Stats


The Cohort Stats feature in ProProfs Quiz Maker allows you to analyze group-based data and identify trends. This powerful tool enables you to evaluate learners’ performance within specific groups based on shared characteristics such as enrollment dates. Cohort Stats can uncover valuable insights into patterns and trends that may have gone unnoticed.


This is what Cohort stats will look like:


Cohort Stats Overview


Benefits of Cohort stats in ProProfs Quiz Maker:


  1. It lets you gain valuable insights into learners' performance within specific groups.

  2. By analyzing data such as the difficulty level of each question, why learners get a specific question wrong, and time spent on each question, you can identify areas where teaching needs to be adjusted to improve class performance.

  3. Leverage robust reporting to assess test takers’ performance and progress quickly and accurately with advanced, automated analytics.


How to View Cohort Stats


Step 1: Go to a quiz report on the dashboard.


Open quiz report & stats


Step 2: Switch to the Stats section, as shown below.


Go to Stats


Step 3: Select Cohort Stats to view group-specific data.


Select Cohort Stats


Step 4: On the Cohort Stats page, you can do the following:


  1. Select the time range to check the data.

  2. Filter data based on group names, download, and share the data.

  3. Click View to check the detailed stats of a group.


Perform the designated operations


Here’s what a group stat will look like:


  1. You get an overview, such as quiz attempts, average time, average score, and median score.

  2. You get a graph for different grades achieved in the quiz.

  3. The following section provides a breakdown of statistics based on questions, such as the number of responses and how many were correct/incorrect.

  4. The last section provides information about the time being spent on each question.


View Cohort Stats


In Question Stats, you can select a question to expand and view the options learners chose as answers.


Check Question Stats



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