How to Show Feedback Instantly During a Quiz Rather Than Just at the End of Quiz


ProProfs Quiz Maker offers the ability to provide learners with instant feedback and explanations for their answers. This feature enables learners to practice and improve their understanding of the subject, ultimately leading to mastery. Utilize the power of instant feedback to enhance the learning experience.


This is what the instant feedback feature looks like when activated on a quiz using ProProfs Quiz Maker.


Instant feedback feature preview


Why can instant feedback be beneficial for quiz takers?


  1. Immediate reinforcement: Instant feedback provides immediate reinforcement of correct answers, helping learners to solidify their understanding of the subject.

  2. Identify areas for improvement: Instant feedback helps learners to identify areas where they need to improve, allowing them to focus their efforts on those topics.

  3. Enhanced engagement: Instant feedback can make the learning experience more engaging and interactive, helping to keep learners motivated and focused.


To enable instant feedback for your quiz


Step 1: Go to Presentation in the General Settings tab.


Go to Presentation under General Settings


Step 2: Select "Reveal answers instantly after each question (Practice Mode)" from the dropdown and Save.


Select Practice Mode from the dropdown and Save


You're all set. Now, when the quiz taker attempts this quiz, the feedback will appear after every question.


Instant feedback for quiz takers while attempting the quiz



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