How to Create a Quiz Using AI


Creating quizzes can be a time-consuming task, especially if you need to generate a large number of questions. ProProfs Quiz Maker's artificial intelligence (AI) feature can help you automate the process of generating quiz questions of different types, such as multiple choice, checkbox, fill in the blanks, true/false, and more.

Here’s what generating quiz questions using AI will look like:



Benefits of using artificial intelligence (AI) for creating quizzes:

  • Save time: AI can generate quiz questions in seconds
  • Improve quality: AI can generate relevant and engaging questions for learners.
  • Introduce variety: AI can generate various question types, which can help you create more comprehensive and exciting quizzes.


To create a quiz using ProProfs AI:


  1. On your ProProfs Quiz Maker dashboard, click “Create a Quiz” or go to an existing quiz to edit.


Here, we will edit a current quiz.


Select a quiz to edit or create a new quiz


  1. In the Quiz editor, click the Add Question button.


Click Add Question in the quiz editor


  1. Click Generate with AI on this overlay.


Click Generate with AI


  1. You will be prompted to provide the following information:

a. What's The Topic of Your Quiz?

b. Tell AI a Bit More About Your Topic.

c. Select a question type from the dropdown list.

d. Select the total number of questions.

e. Choose to include an explanation with every question.

f. Select the difficulty level (Easy, Medium, or Hard).


Once you have provided all the required information, click the Generate Questions button.


Fill the required details to generate quiz questions


  1. ProProfs Quiz Maker will then generate a list of AI-generated questions. You can choose to add all (1) of the questions to your quiz, or you can select individual questions.


Review questions to add


  1. If you are not happy with the generated questions, click the Clear All (4) button and start again. Or simply click Re-generate Questions (3).


You can use the Delete (2) option to remove particular questions from the results. Once you are happy with the questions, you can click the Add to Quiz (4) button.


  1. You can then continue adding more questions to your quiz or click the Go to Quiz button to return to the quiz editor.


Add more questions or go to quiz editor


Here’s how the added questions will appear in the quiz editor.



That's all about creating quizzes using ProProfs AI. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team



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