How to Create Multi-Sectional Exam


With ProProfs, you can create a multi-sectional quiz or in other words an aggregated quiz, which consists of different quiz sections. The grading for each quiz section is done separately.


Let's say you want to create a multi-sectional quiz and you have the following requirement:


  1. You have 3 different quizzes, viz. Physics, Chemistry and Biology with 50 questions in each.
  2. Now you want to test your learners on all the 3 topics by assigning them a single Science Exam.
  3. The Science Exam will have 50 Physics questions, 50 Chemistry questions and 50 Biology questions. 
  4. Though the quiz will actually be a single exam, the grading of each section (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) will be done separately. 


Tip* Grading done separately for each quiz section means that you will get different reports for each quiz section.


You can achieve all of the above requirements by creating a multi-sectional exam.


Please note, a multi-sectional exam is different from creating a quiz that picks up questions from different topics as in the former case each section is scored/timed differently and can be configured as a stand alone quiz. The student is taken from one section (or quiz) to the next, on completion of the previous section.


The following image shows how a multi-sectional exam appears to your learners.


Please note that this consolidated experience is created using ProProfs Training Maker. If you only have "Quiz Maker" you still have two possible workarounds:

  1. You can add a link to the next exam at the end of the previous exam by customizing the message at the end of the exam.
  2. You can deliver the sections through "Quiz Maker" classroom as independent quizzes.


How to view reports of a multi-sectional exam

The greatest benefit of a multi-sectional exam is that once learners finish taking the exam, you can view the reports of all the sections in one screen. 


To view the reports of all the different quiz sections in a multi-sectional exam, go to My Courses in "Training Maker" and click on "Reports" as shown in the image below.


Once you click on Reports, you will be able to view the scores that your learners attained in each of the quizzes listed in your multi-sectional exam.


How to create a multi-sectional exam


To start creating a multi-sectional exam, follow the steps below: 
Step 1. Create a quiz for each section in "Quiz Maker". In this case, we have created 3 quizzes (Physics, Chemistry and Biology).  


Step 2. Once the quizzes are ready, go to "Training Maker" and add the quizzes as pages to the course chapter as shown in the images below. Please read our help article on how to set up a series of quizzes for your learners to learn in detail how you can add quizzes to pages in a course.


Image below shows how to select quiz as the "Page Type" for a chapter


Image below shows how to search and add the relevant quiz:



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