How to Create a Multi-sectional Exam


ProProfs Quiz Maker lets you assess users across multiple subjects/categories by creating a single exam. The multi-sectional exam consists of different sections with individual grading to help instructors track progress in each topic.


A multi-sectional exam becomes helpful when you want to create a standalone quiz with different sections, each scored/timed differently. The student moves to the next section after completing the previous one.


Let's say you have the following requirements:


1. Suppose you have a single subject, but you want to assess learners in different categories. For instance, you might have a Math quiz with "Algebra" and "Measurement" as two subsections.

2. You can organize these categories as sections and add questions to the respective categories. 

3. Although the quiz is a single exam, the report will have section-wise details of the learners' performance.




1. You have three subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

2. You aim to assess your learners on all three domains by assigning them a single Science quiz.

3. The quiz can contain any number of questions for each subject.


You can meet all these requirements by creating a multi-sectional exam.


Multi-sectional Exam / Quiz Preview


Multi-sectional Exam / Quiz Preview


Benefits of adding sections to your quiz:


  • Enhanced Organization: Sections help in categorizing questions into groups, making the quiz more structured and navigable.

  • Improved Focus: By dividing a quiz into sections, participants can concentrate on one topic at a time, enhancing comprehension and retention.


In this article,


1. How to Create a Multi-sectional Quiz from Scratch

2. Manage Section Settings

3. Important Points to Remember


Creating a Multi-sectional Quiz From Scratch


1. Start by creating a quiz from scratch. Click + Create a Quiz > + Create Your Own.


Create a new quiz from scratch


Tip: Add a name and description of your new quiz. Also, add a cover image.


2. Select + Add Question in the editor to add a new question to your quiz.


Click Add Question in the editor


3. Choose Section in the Question Type overlay and click Add.


Choose Section to add to your quiz


4. Enter the name and description of the new section.


Add section name and description


Repeat steps 2 - 4 to add more sections to your quiz. Once done, here’s what your quiz editor will look like.

Quiz view after adding multiple sections


Let's proceed by adding some questions to each of the newly added sections.

5. Choose a section from the left pane, then click Add Question. Next, select the type of question you’d like to add. Options include Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blanks, Dropdown, etc.


Add questions to a section of your quiz


Click here to learn about different question types you can add to your quiz.


6. Repeat the above step to add questions to each section. Here’s what the complete quiz will look like after adding questions.


Quiz view after adding questions to each section


Tip: You can easily move questions between sections by dragging and dropping them from the left panel.


Managing Section Settings


1. Click the gear icon to manage your section.


Manage Section settings


2. You can manage the following settings:

  • Number of Questions: Choose all questions or select only a few for learners to attempt.
  • Order of Questions: Enable shuffling of questions, answers, or both. You can choose to leave the order as it is by choosing Do not shuffle questions.
  • Time to complete section: Set a time limit to attempt the questions in your section.
  • Result type: Set a minimum passing percentage for your section.


Edit section settings


Once done, click Save.

Here's what a multi-sectional quiz report will look like:

Multi-sectional quiz report


Important Points to Remember:


Deleting a section


When you delete a section, you will be prompted to choose any of the following:

  • Delete the section and all the questions it contains- This will remove the section and its questions altogether.

  • Delete the section but shift the questions to another section– You can select this option to keep the questions by moving them to another section you can choose from the dropdown list.


Delete Section Prompt Window


Quiz Settings


Some settings may not apply across the quiz as they are specific for each section. Hence, they will remain unavailable to modify in the quiz settings.

Quiz Settinfs unavailable to modify after adding sections


You can enable learners to jump to any question within a section using the appropriate quiz setting. Switch "Allow learner to jump to any question" to Yes. Save your changes.


Enable the "Allow learner to jump to any question" setting


Here's what the quiz will look like after you've enabled this setting:


Quiz preview with allowing learners to jump to any question


Adding a section to an existing quiz:


If you have modified any of the following quiz settings in your existing quiz, such as Time Limit, Order, or Number of questions, and then try to add a section, you will get a disclaimer:


Click Continue to proceed or Cancel to deny


Prompt to reset updated settings to default


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 



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