How to Create Math Quizzes With Symbols and Mathematical Formulae


ProProfs Quiz Maker has a sturdy math formula editor that allows you to create all mathematical quizzes. Our editor is based on the standard MathML, compatible with any browser (Firefox, Edge, Chrome, etc.) and operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.).


ProProfs Quiz Maker’s In-app math editor helps:


  • Add complex formulae and symbols to your quizzes.

  • Create questions and options with algebraic, trigonometric, and calculus functions.


In this article, you’ll learn:


1. Adding Mathematical Symbols and Formulas to the Question Text of a Quiz

2. Adding Tables to Question

3. Adding Mathematical Symbols and Formulas to Answer Options


How to Add Mathematical Symbols and Formulas to the Question Text of a Quiz


Step 1:  Go to "Settings."


quiz settings


Step 2: Navigate to the "Advanced" tab.


advanced  settings


Step 3: Select “Yes” for “Maths Editor” and click Save.


enable maths editor


Step 4: Click the “Σ” icon in the question text editor to insert the mathematical symbol or formula.


Step 5: Click f(x)>Select formula> Insert Formula


insert formula 


The selected formula will be added to the question text.


How to Add Tables to Questions


In the question text editor,


Step 1: Click the Table icon.


table icon in tollbar


Step 2: Assign the table values and click OK.


assign rows and columns


Here's how the table will appear in the editor:


table preview


How to Add Mathematical Symbols and Formulas to Answer Options


NOTE: Before starting, make sure you have turned on the "Math Editor" from the advanced settings for the quiz.


Step 1: Click the “” icon in the options text editor.


insert formula button


Step 2:  To access the symbol library, click the upside-down triangle button.


symbol library


Step 3: Enter the formula and click “Insert Formula


insert formula


Step 4: Similarly, add the formula to other answer options.


add formula to other answer option


Here is how the quiz will appear to the instructor and the quiz takers:


maths quiz preview


This is all about creating math quizzes with symbols and mathematical formulae in ProProfs Quiz Maker.



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