How to Add an Order List Question to Your Quiz


In an order list question, quiz takers have to drag and drop answers to arrange them in a pre-determined sequence. As shown in the example section below, you can use an order list to create queries with jumbled words or sentences within a paragraph or other objective questions.


An order list question can help you:


  • Gauge the understanding level of quiz takers.

  • Analyze quiz takers’ analytical thinking power by having them arrange words or sentences in a paragraph or a list of items.


Here’s what the order list question will look like:


Preview of the Order List Question Type


How to Create an Order List Question Quiz


Step 1: In the Quiz Editor,


  • Click on the “Add Question” button on the left panel.

  • Locate the “Order List” question type in the overlay.

  • Click “Add Question” to finish adding it to your quiz.


Add the Order List question to your Quiz


Step 2: Customize your question and related answer options.


Step 3: Arrange the answers in the correct order.


Customize the question and arrange answer options in the right order


Step 4: You can wish to edit advanced settings by clicking “Advanced.”


Please check the screenshot instructions.


Customize the Advanced settings


Feedback: You can add an explanation after quiz takers arrange the answers.


Tags: You can add a label to the question for easy filtration.


Grading: You can enable/disable grading for the question to determine if the question contributes to the overall score or not.


Media: You can enable the media option to add media for both questions and answer choices. Disable if you do not wish to add media.


That is all about order list questions in the quiz.



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