How to Enable Speech-to-Text for Essay Questions


ProProfs Quiz Maker provides convenience to quiz takers for questions seeking text-based answers, such as an essay, through speech-to-text. The feature allows learners to express their ideas vocally and automatically convert them into text.


Here’s what the speech-to-text feature will look like on the quiz screen.


Speech-to-text feature preview in an essay question in a Quiz


The speech-to-text feature will,


  • Allow quiz takers to complete the question quickly

  • Eliminate the possibility of spelling errors in typing

  • Generate interest among quiz takers in attempting the essay questions


How to Enable Speech-to-Text for Essay Questions


Step 1: Create a new scored quiz or open an existing quiz in your Quiz Maker account.


Step 2: Click Add Question on the left panel in the quiz editor.


Note: You can also use the Add Question button in the header, as highlighted in the image.


Add a new question in the quiz editor using the Add Question button


Step 3: Select the Essay question type from the overlay and click Add Question.


Select the Essay question type to add


Step 4: Type your question, set the character limit & modify the answer space.


Add question and ser answer limit


Step 5: Click to expand the Advanced settings and enable Speech to Text.


Enable Speech-to-text under Advanced settings


Save your changes.


Now, when the quiz taker attempts the essay question, they can leverage the power of speech recognition software to recognize & translate their voice as text into the answer box.


Speech-to-text Feature preview in an Essay question


That is all about enabling speech-to-text for essay questions in a quiz.



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