How to Enable Speech-to-Text for Essay Questions


ProProfs Quiz software offers a convenient speech-to-text feature that allows quiz takers to respond to essay questions by speaking their answers instead of typing them out. This feature provides an easier and faster way for learners to complete essay questions, as it eliminates the need for typing, and enables them to focus on providing thoughtful, well-crafted responses.


Video overview of the "Speech-to-Text" feature enabled in a quiz.



Enabling the speech-to-text feature:


  • Makes you compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), ensuring that learners with disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate.

  • Allows quiz takers to save time and effort, improving their overall experience and reducing the risk of fatigue or errors from excessive typing.

  • Adds an element of fun and engagement to the assessment process, helping learners stay motivated and focused on their responses.


How to Enable Speech-to-Text for Essay Questions


Step 1: Select the essay-type question in your quiz, OR add a New Question.


Select the Essay question type to add


Step 2: Type your question, set the character limit & modify the answer space.


Add question and set the answer limit


Step 3: Look for Advanced question settings and enable Speech to Text.


Enable Speech-to-text under Advanced settings


Make sure to save your changes.


That’s all you need to do!


Quiz takers can now easily attempt this essay question by pressing the Mic button. The speech recognition feature can accurately recognize and transcribe their spoken words, making it effortless for learners to provide well-articulated and detailed responses.


How to use the Speech-to-text Feature in an Essay question


That is all about enabling speech-to-text for essay questions in ProProfs Quiz Maker. 



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