How Does Automatic and Manual Grading Work for Your Quizzes?


ProProfs Quiz Software streamlines your process by automatically grading quizzes and immediately making the results available to you and your learners. For quizzes containing objective questions, such as fill-in-the-blanks, true or false, and multiple-choice, grading is automated. If a quiz consists solely of these types of questions, the quiz report automatically displays details including:

  1. Learners’ total score
  2. Result - Pass or Fail
  3. Total number of correct or incorrect answers
  4. Letter Grading (A, B, C, D, or F) or Pass Percentage


Instructors have the option to manually grade essays and other open-ended response questions.

ProProfs provides a variety of grading options for increased flexibility in grading online assessments.


These options include Manual Grading, Regular Grading, Partial Grading, and Custom Grading.


In addition to the automatic scoring of quizzes, ProProfs Quiz Maker allows the customization of quiz results for learners. Instructors can choose to display or hide the score, correct/incorrect responses, and a customized certificate that can be printed or shared. They can also provide a feedback message. ProProfs Quiz Maker offers high customization capabilities.



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