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How to add rich text, images and videos to question's answers?

You can create highly engaging quizzes by adding videos, images to your quiz answers. 


Tip* You can add images to your quiz in 3 places:

  • Add a cover image for your quiz
  • Add images in quiz questions
  • Add images in quiz answers


Here, we will look at how to add images and videos in quiz answers. We are taking the example of Personality Quizzes but you also add images in Scored Quizzes.


Step 1. You have to first turn the Image function on.



Step 2. Click on "Media" to add images and videos in quiz answers.   


Step 3. Add an image by clicking on the icon or embed videos in your quiz answers. 


Step 4. Once you click on the icon, you can add images. Click on Done, to save the image.