How to Create Private Quizzes


ProProfs Quiz Maker gives you complete control over the accessibility of your quizzes. It provides three levels of quiz privacy. 


1. Limiting access to those with the quiz link
2. Securing the quiz with a password
3. Assigning the quiz to a select group of users 

You can share the quiz using a link. It is the default setting. Only learners who receive the invite via the link can take your quiz. 

Alternatively, you can set the level of privacy according to your preference.


Here’s a look at the cover page of a password-protected private quiz:


Password-protected Quiz Preview


Private quizzes are prevented from appearing publicly on the web as they do not list on Google and other search engines. Furthermore, private quizzes help in minimizing cheating by stopping unauthorized access.


By default, each quiz you create with ProProfs is private. However, you can set the level of privacy according to your preference.


Creating a private quiz is ideal for the following:


1. Exams

2. Recruitment tests

3. Internal staff training

4. Quizzes on sale


In this article, you will learn:


1. How to Password-Protect a Quiz

2. How to Provide Quiz Access Via Individual Logins


 How to Password-Protect a Quiz


You can create a password-protected quiz to ensure only users who know the password can access the quiz.


Step 1: Go to the Settings of a Quiz.


Go to quiz settings


Step 2: Switch to the Security tab and locate Quiz Security.


Step 3: Select the radio button before “Private access with a link & quiz password.” Set a password in the space provided.


Enable Quiz Security to Private Access with a Link & Password


Save your changes. You can now share the quiz link and the password directly with the users to let them take the quiz.


 How to Provide Quiz Access Via Individual Logins


ProProfs Quiz Maker allows you to create secure and private quizzes by setting up login ids and passwords for your learners via the classroom. This way, only selected users can access the quizzes. Assigning individual usernames and passwords to quiz takers has benefits, such as allowing instructors to assign credentials, track progress, analyze reports, and give remarks.


Note: Learners must log in to the classroom using the username and password you created to access the quizzes.


Step 1: In your Quiz Maker account,


  • Navigate to "Settings" > "Security."
  • Select "Private access for selected users & groups."
  • Click "Manage Users" to set up the usernames and passwords for users & groups.


Open Secutiry Settings and enable Quiz Security to Private Access for selected Users & Groups


You will be redirected to your classroom, where you can add new learners and create usernames and passwords for them or change the usernames and passwords for the existing users.


Step 2: To change a user's username or password, click on their first or last name.


Select a User to manage their details


Step 3: You can add/edit the ID or username, password, and other details.


Add ID or username and password


Now, when the user logs into the classroom using the credentials, they can find the quizzes assigned to them.


Classroom Login Screen


That is all about creating a private quiz with ProProfs Quiz Maker.



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