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How to Change the User-Interface Language

ProProfs Quiz Maker allows you to create quizzes in 70+ languages. Though we do not offer a translation of the user-specified data (quizzes you create), you can translate the user-interface language( buttons and associated text such as "Create a Quiz") to a language of your choice. Also, you can create a quiz from scratch in any language of your choice.


Follow these simple steps to change the language of the quiz within minutes: 


Step 1: Go to the "Settings" of the quiz you want to change the language. 


*Note - This language change option is available so you can change the interface language of your account. It means the labels and buttons would be changed to the language of your preference.


Step 2: After the "General" tab opens, scroll down to select the existing language to the language of your choice (Refer to the below screenshot). 

Step 3: Click on "Save." 




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