How to Change the Interface Language in Your Quiz



ProProfs lets you change the quiz interface language from English, Spanish and 70+ other international languages.  


Selecting a specific interface language for a quiz will display the navigation button text in your preferred language. 


For example, if the content of your quiz is in Spanish, select ‘Spanish’ as your interface language to localize quiz takers’ experience.


Here’s an example of “Spanish” selected as the interface language. As you can see, the navigation and button text has auto-translated to Spanish. 




Changing the quiz interface language helps:


  • Reach your global audience in a language they understand

  • Localize the quiz taker’s experience

  • Improve engagement & grow lead generation


How to Change the Interface Language in Your Quiz


Step 1: In your ProProfs Quiz Maker dashboard, navigate to quiz settings.


 Quiz maker settings


Step 2: Navigate to “Language,” select your preferred language from the dropdown list and click “Save.


change interface language in proprofs quiz


The participant will see the interface in their selected language when taking the quiz. 



proprofs language in quiz

That is all about changing the interface language in ProProfs Quiz Maker.



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