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How to set up the classroom for K12 students?

You can easily set up a classroom for K12 students by creating individual student accounts using their email addresses.


However, at times students may not have email addresses. In such cases, you can create usernames and passwords, so that your students can access your online classroom without email addresses.


To create student accounts by assigning them usernames, please read the how to article below:


How to add students to classroom with their usernames instead of email addresses?


It's important to note that after you've created student accounts, you can also manage their scores and grades through online classroom reporting features. For example, if your quizzes consist of essay questions, then you can hide the scoring of the quiz from your learners until you've graded their answers to the essay questions.


To learn how to hide or show students their quiz scores, follow the steps below:


Steps for hiding the quiz score from students:


Step 1. Go to "Advanced Setting" of a quiz and under "Report Availability", select "After all essay are graded manually". Save your settings, once you're done.


Once you've updated the settings, learners will not be able to view their score after they complete the quiz. 

Steps for allowing students to view their quiz score, after you've finished grading their essay questions:


Step 1. Go to "My Courses" and click on "Reports & Attempts". 


Step 2. Under score report click on "View"


Step 3. Now you can select "Yes" to allow students to see their scores after you've graded their answers to the essay questions.