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How to add users without an email to classroom?

ProProfs online classroom helps you manage learners by adding them as users or into groups, using their email addresses.


However, in retail organizations where employee churn is high or even in educational institutions, sometimes learners do not have email addresses. To tackle such cases, ProProfs allows you to add users to your classroom, even if they do not have email addresses.


You can easily create user accounts for learners without email addresses. In such cases, learners login using a username & password. The username can be anything relevant to the scenario such as an ID, roll number, student ID, employee ID or even the student's name.


Note: You can also change the security settings of your classroom, so that the start screen of the classroom prompts users for an Id/username instead of the email address, as shown in the image below:



Follow the steps below to add users to classrooms with their Ids:


Step 1. Go to My Courses and click on My Classroom.



Step 2. Click on Users and then on Add New User.


Step 3. Now add the desired Id. If you need to add more than one user, separate the Ids with a comma or use the "bulk upload feature".


Step 4. Add Users to a group or groups and click on Next. You can also skip this step. 


Step 5. Add Users to a course or courses and click on Next. You can also skip this step.


Step 6. Finally click on Done and you've successfully added new users with their Ids to your classroom.