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How do I set expiration dates for users from my classroom?

With ProProfs Quiz Maker, you can easily set user accounts to automatically expire after a certain date to improve security. Setting limited time access using expiration field finds application in high churn environments such as retail & manufacturing. It is also useful in scenarios where customers or employees need limited time access and removes the need of manually disabling user accounts.

There are two ways to set expiration dates:


Method 1: Upload expiration dates for users during bulk upload.


During bulk upload you can upload expiration dates of the users in CSV/Excel file.



Method 2: Change Expiration Date In User's Classroom Profile.


Advanced tip: It is easier to set expiration dates for many users at once by following the first method mentioned above. To set the expiration date for a single user or less than 10 users, use the classroom as explained in the steps below:


Step 1: Once you're in your classroom, click on "Users".



Step 2: Search for the user you want to set the expiration date for and then click on "Edit Info".



Step 3: Click on the drop down function under "Expiration", set the expiration date and save the changes.