How to Send Engaging Online Quizzes to Your Learners


Sharing a ProProfs Quiz via different methods provides ease of use & variety for users. With ProProfs Quiz Maker, you can email a quiz, share the URL directly or through social media, embed it, or even download & share its unique QR code. 


Watch this video to get a quick run-through of quiz sharing with ProProfs Quiz Maker.



Or continue reading to learn about different methods one at a time.


Sharing a quiz using different methods lets you:


  • Easily reach out to both individuals or a large group at once
  • Boost engagement & improve lead generation


To send your quiz:


Step 1: Click the send icon on your ProProfs Quiz Maker dashboard.


Share a Quiz from ProProfs Quiz Maker

Quiz Maker Dashboard


An overlay with different sharing options will open. You can choose any of the following methods to share your quiz.


1. Sharing the Quiz via Email

2. Sharing the Quiz Link

3. Sharing the Quiz on Social Media

4. Embedding the Quiz

5. Printing out the Quiz

6. Sharing the Quiz using a unique QR Code



 Sharing via Email: You can type multiple email addresses separated by a comma. Or you can select users or groups from the LMS or use the import option from the Add Users drop-down. 


Share the quiz via email


 You can edit the email body and save it as a template to reuse later for sharing quizzes. Click Email Templates >> Enter the Template Name >> Save.


Edit the email body and save it as a template to reuse later


You can take the following actions on a template:

  • Set it as the default
  • Edit the body
  • Remove it permanently 


Email Template Action Items



 Sharing the Quiz Link: You can include the link on your website to redirect users to the quiz. Or, you can send the quiz link via chat to access it.


Add Quiz URL on Webpage to redirect users to the Quiz


 Sharing the Quiz on Social Media: Share the quiz on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn directly from within the ProProfs Quiz Maker.


Social sharing of Quizzes 


 Embedding the Quiz on the Website or Blog: Copy and paste the embed code to add it to your website or blog.


Embed the quiz on your website or blog


 Printing out the Quiz: Share the quiz offline by taking its printout. You can select from the given options.


Print the quiz and share


 Sharing using a unique QR Code: Download & share a unique QR code to invite learners to take a particular quiz on their mobile devices.


Share using the QR Code


That is all about sharing quizzes from ProProfs Quiz Maker.



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