How to Embed a Quiz on Shopify


Embed your quizzes as a product on your Shopify store, and offer to sell your customers custom-designed state of the art quizzes. You can add as many quizzes as you want, and sell them for the prices of your choice. 


Here's how you can embed a quiz on your Shopify website:


Step 1: Select a quiz and click the "Send, Embed or Print" icon.



Step 2: Navigate to the "Embed" tab and copy the embed code.



Step 3: Log in to your Shopify account and add a product, enter the title and click the "Show HTML" button from the editor. Enter the embed code for the quiz in the HTML editor and click "Save Product." Your quiz is successfully embedded on your Shopify website. 



Here's how the quiz will appear in your store:





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