How to Embed a Quiz on Shopify


ProProfs Quiz Maker allows you to sell your quizzes on Shopify stores. To add a quiz as a product in a Shopify store, simply copy and paste the embed code in your Shopify store’s product description.


Here’s what embedding a quiz on your Shopify store looks like:


quiz embed on a shopify store


Embedding quizzes on the Shopify store lets you:


  • Capture visitors' details to send them personalized product recommendations.

  • Boost your eCommerce sales with curated product quizzes.


How to Embed a Quiz on a Shopify Store


Step 1: In your ProProfs Quiz Maker dashboard, navigate to the quiz you want to embed and click the share icon.


share icon on quiz dashboard


Step 2: In the popup window, navigate to Embed


  • Select “Website.”

  • Choose a window size from the available sizes or set a custom size.

  • Copy the embed code. 


copy the embed code


Step 3:  Log in to your Shopify account, navigate to Products, and click “Add your products.”


shopify store


Step 4: Select </> from the toolbar, paste the embed code, and click Save.


paste the embed code


You’ll get a confirmation message on successfully adding the quiz to your Shopify store.


quiz emebd confirmation message


That is all about embedding a quiz in a Shopify store.



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