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How do I embed quiz on Google sites?

Step 1. Go to your Google site homepage and click on the edit icon as shown in the image below.



Step 2. Click on the the "Insert" tab and then on "More gadgets".


Step 3. Now, click on "Include gadget (iframe)" to add the gadget to your page.



Step 4. Click on "Select" to proceed.



Step 5. Now, copy the embed code for the quiz you want to embed and paste it on Notepad or a Word document. Read our help article on how to get the embed code of your quiz for more details.



Step 6. As shown in the image below, copy only the part of the embed code which is highlighted in yellow.



Step 7. Now, paste the above embed code in the box and click on "OK" as shown below. Tip* Make sure you change http to https.



Step 8. Your quiz is now embedded on your site and you'll have to click on "Save" to publish it.



The image below shows you how the embedded quiz will appear on your Google site.