How to Embed a Quiz on Google Sites


ProProfs Quiz Maker lets you share quizzes on your Google websites using the embed code. 


Embedding a quiz on a Google Sites website is quite easy. Simply copy and paste the embed code into your Google Sites page editor.


By embedding ProProfs quizzes on your Google websites, you can:


  • Grow more leads from your website

  • Engage your customers and increase site retention time  

  • Capture detailed customer insights using online quizzes.


How to Embed a Quiz on Google Sites


Step 1: In your ProProfs Quiz Maker dashboard, navigate to the quiz to be shared and click the share icon.


share icon on quiz dashboard


Step 2: In the popup window, navigate to Embed 


  • Select “Website.”

  • Choose a window size from the available size, or you can set a custom size.

  • Copy the embed code. 


copy embed code


Step 3: Log in to Google Sites and create a new site from scratch (select blank) or choose from an existing template.


create a site form scratch in google sites


Step 4: Navigate to the block editor and click Embed to open the embed form. 


block editor in google sites


Step 5: Select the embed method using Embed code, paste the code, and click Next.


paste embed code in google site editor


Here’s a preview of your quiz embedded on a Google website. Click Insert to proceed. 


preiew pf embed quiz in google sites


Step 6: Click Publish.


publish quiz


That is all about embedding a quiz on a Google Sites website.



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