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What do I do if quizzes embedded on my website or blog are not working on Safari/iPhone/iPad?

Quizzes created at ProProfs are powered by superior HTML5 technology. This ensures that your quizzes on ProProfs load faster and run on all kinds of mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android. Also on browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and more.


However, at times Safari's default cookie settings block third party apps. As a result, learners trying to access quizzes embedded on your website or blog using Safari might not be able to do so. In case you are accessing your quiz directly at ProProfs.com, the same will work fine across all platforms and mobile devices.


How to fix Safari issues on laptop, iPhone and iPad?


1. Safari on desktop/laptop

2. Safari on iPad

3. Safari on iPhone




Safari on desktop/laptop


Step 1. Open Safari on the quiz that is not working. Go to Safari settings and click on preferences.



Step 2. Under Privacy tag >> Block cookies, you can see three options "From third party and advertisers", "Always" and "Never". Make sure Block cookies is set to "Never".



Safari on iPad


Step 1. Open iPad settings and select Safari.



Step 2. In Privacy >> Accept Cookies, you can see three options "From visited", "Always" and Never? Make sure Accept Cookies is set to "Always".



Safari on iPhone


Step 1.  Open iPhone settings and select safari.




Step 2.  Select "Block Cookies" under Privacy & Security. (refer to screenshot below)





Step 3.  Select "Always Allow"  under Cookies and Website Data. (as shown in the screenshot below)